Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Iron Craft #31 Sculptural

After dabbling in crafts for 50 years, many of the things I have done in the past fit the Iron Craft Weekly Challenges. So as I mentioned before, some weeks I will show some of the old along with the new. I experimented with Filo clay quite a few years ago and the necklace and earrings are a result of that effort.

Filo jewelry

I did nothing further with sculpting until this week's challenge.

When we were "Up North" on vacation, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. As we received many lovely cards, I wanted to find a box to keep them in, instead of an album.

IMG_4619.JPG IMG_4620.JPG

So this week's challenge provided that opportunity. I found the perfect box at Michael's along with a sheet of neat looking scrapbooking paper. I also bought some Sculpey clay and sculpted some flowers and leaves.
Grandma's project flower

I added the paper, flowers, and a wooden bride and groom I found in my craft stash to the box and now I have the perfect card box!

Storage box


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kat said...

It's really lovely and a great way to save cards. I'm tempted to make one to put my Christmas cards in each year on the coffee table.