Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Challenge #35 Done Reading

Books have always been an inportant part of my life--from Mother Goose to my Kindle. Along the way are many enjoyable hours of reading. For this challenge, my first thought was bookmarks.

Several years ago, I had made some magnetic bookmarks for members of my bookclub, and I thought perhaps I could reinvent them. Having a bunch of paperbacks around the house, I thought why not use their covers for the bookmarks.


I cut a 2x6 inch strip from the cover, folded it in half, added magnetic strips to the ends, and had a bookmark to fold over a page.
Magnetic Bookmarks

Since I had several paperbacks left, I decided to go back to an old challenge--postcards. I had several postcard backs left from that challenge, so I glued them to a paperback cover and now have some new postcards to send.


Now that I have finished this challenge, I can get back to my latest read--Vermilion Drift by William Kent Krueger, a favorite Minnesota author. Some other good book suggestions, if you're into reading:

The Heretics Daughter by Kathleen Lent
House on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford
Little Bee by Chris Cleave

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kat said...

I loved House on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, a real tear jerker.