Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Challenge # 37- Shrink to Fit

One of the most cherished items in my kitchen is an old printer's file case, which we turned into a memorabilia box full of miniatures that represent favorite things or events in my/our life--cooking, sewing, golfing, cats, the Seminole football team, teaching, the USA, Minnesota, Door County, and trips to Maine and the West.

  Challenge #37

 I also have a small shelf in my entry hall which I decorate with seasonal miniatures picked up over the years. So for this challenge, I decided to do a little ghost tree using, what else, but more of the sculpty clay--I had to buy a whole set for Challenge 31. I made 5 little ghosts, the letters BOO!, and planted a tree in a small pot.

Challenge #37

 Now I have a new addition to my Halloween shelf.

 Challenge #37

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Dr. Russ said...

This makes my heart smile. I wish that I had space for collectibles and to know that you took a printer's case to make a shelf is marvelous. I never really got into Halloween decorations but your collection and your new additions are really a treat.