Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Iron Craft #8- Love your mother...earth

My "something else" for this challenge is an odd pillowcase that I was ready to put in the Goodwill bag. Then I remembered I had seen an idea earlier on Martha Stewart's website for a pillowcase shoulder bag and thought it would be perfect for this challenge.

I started with pillowcase and cut off 1/2 inch on the closed end. Iron Craft

Cut on diagonal and hem all four edges.
Iron Craft

Insert one of the halves inside the other and sew where they overlap. Iron Craft

Turn inside out and stitch and trim across bottom.
Iron Craft

Tie ends and you have a bag!
Iron Craft Iron Craft


kat said...

Oh that looks like the shape of the bag Susi wants to make with some vintage needlepoint. I have to make sure she sees this.

Pamela said...

Wow, that's simple but effective. I like the fabric, and it lends itself nicely to the shape of the bag.