Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Iron Craft #6- Peeps

I Love Peeps! Easter and Peeps go together!


I know they have Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine Peeps, but they are not the same as Easter Peeps! I have been real good this year and passed up all the displays--have actually picked up a box and put it back! HOWEVER, Mom and Thing 2 always remember my love for Peeps, and I seem to get some every year. I love them dried out, so the first thing I do is break open the pack and let them air dry. YUM!

For the challenge this year, I made bag tops for the grandchildren's Peeps which will go in their Easter boxes.


And as I still have clay from one of last year's projects, I took an idea from Thing 1 and sculpted necklaces for the twins. Found the chains when looking for the dollar store challenge--think they turned out cute--hope they like them.


We are looking forward to a visit from Thing 1 next week--first time he has come alone--a teen-ager now! We have lots planned--Busch Gardens, the Dali Museum, an air boat ride, and a visit to Winter, the dolphin with the prosthetic tail, from the movie The Dolphin Tale. Winter is at the Clearwater Marina.

Hope Grandma and Grandpa can stand the pace! Happy Easter to all!

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kat said...

I knew you couldn't resist this week's challenge. Just wait until you see the Peeps store when you are here in May.