Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Iron Craft # 3- Warm Up

This week the theme for Iron Craft was Warm Up.  I decided to make something for the new dog in the family--Djoser--Thing 1 and Thing 2's dog.


I searched the web for an idea and came upon the domestikgoddess.com who had directions for dog boots which I had been thinking about as a project. I had the supplies on hand--polar fleece, some non-slip material (I used the rubber like material you put under throw rugs to keep them from slipping), velcro and elastic.


 They were easy to sew and turned out, I think, quite well.IC3 IC3

Now for the test! I mailed them to my daughter Jenny, from A Mom and 2 Things and the rest is up to her and Djoser. Do they fit? Will he wear them? I will let her finish this blog as to what happened!

Well, I guess it is my (Jenny's) turn to tell what happened...the first time I tried putting them on Djoser was not a good experience. No photos to show because as fast as I could put one on, he would take it off. He is a puppy after all. Tonight I decided a 3 prong approach- hubby with the camera, me with the booties and Thing 1 with a rawhide. We were able to get them on him and he even walked around (pranced as our old dog use to do with hers). He actually left them on for awhile. IC 3 IC 3 IC 3

I am not sure what he would do if I were to have left them on- they might have been chewed up. I think eventually he would get use to them. I only wish we had some real snow to try them outside. Djoser does thank grandma for the great gift though.

And for those wondering his full name is King Djoser of Saqqara -he is named after King Djoser (pronounced Zoser) from the 3rd Dynasty Egypt who is buried in the Step Pyramid.  With all of my husband's travels in the Middle East we could not name him something like Bud now could we?


kat said...

I love the first picture and the one wear he has the booties on, looks like he is posing! We got snow last night so maybe he is giving them a go today.

Dr. Russ said...

What a great project. Plus, I am glad that the boys got a new dog but if this is a puppy--then he will be huge when you grows up--LOL.

It seems that fleece projects where popular this challenge.